Things an Accountant Need To Prepare Your Tax Return

We all are aware of the fact that filing a tax return isn’t an easy task. It is considered as one of the complicated financial tasks that one has to deal with each year and since it includes complex codes and various rules for different situations, it is without a doubt most stressful process to handle. Instead of attempting to do it all on your own, it is wise to hire an accountant as they are proficient in handling and filing tax returns without any kind of frustration over the procedure (like most of us!).

Make sure to bring all the documents and since we don’t want you to miss out any, here are the essential documents that one must bring to their accountant to have their tax returns prepared…

  • Identification Details: It is important to give your preparer certain identification information as they will be used for verification. Your social security data are one of the best options and since your accountant will be in need of your security digits for each member, better to give them access to make it all smooth and easy.
  • Copy of Recent Tax Return: Yes you might not qualify for the same deductions that you did last year but providing such data can help access information to evaluate or calculate a certain tax deduction in an easy manner.
  • Salary Statements: Those who are working at a company receive a form that is termed as a W-2 wage along with tax statement. The non-employees such as contractors or freelancers receive a document that we call 1099-MISC from each client that they have worked with. Do bring those forms and documents to your accountant as well.
  • All Income Statements: Those who gain any sort of additional income during the year such as social security income, unemployment income, or any other investment. You would have to bring those statements and figures as well to the accountant.
  • Proof of Expenses: Those who seek good deductions, it is important for you to give your accountant all documents that can be used as evidence for your expenditure. These documents entail medical bills, receipts, IRA, mileage logs, charity contribution, and more.

Now that you are aware of what to bring to your accountant, have a happy tax filing!

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