Maximize Your Tax Refunds!

Taxes can be a little daunting and it is essential to stay updated well, there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to Tax Returns. Well, anyone who works in Australia pays tax on whatever they earn though it depends a lot on their visa status. Those who work under the tax file number, they are aware of how taxes are automatically withdrawn from your income. Everyone deals with tax and its planning since it can get a little difficult to handle, it was better to hire a tax agent. Here are few tips for you to follow that can be of huge help in increasing your tax refunds…

  • Request to Claim Deductions: tax deductions are all about getting a higher tax refund and as a working class you are legally entitled to reimbursements and those expenses are inclusive of travel expense, clothing and laundry cleaning, mobile phone and internet, meals, tools and equipment, and some other deductions.
  • Keep your Slips and Receipts: One spends about hours and hours tracking down all the proof of purchases that they have made over the 12 months. Such hunts are not only a waste of time but also a waste of your energy that could cost you thousands of dollars loss in a tax refund. Make folders labeled to save receipts whenever you are making work relevant expenses or even invested in something, keep your receipts recorded.
  • Prepare Bills: It is usually convenient for one to pay their bills on a monthly basis but for a lot of people it can be more beneficial for one to pay bills in a lump sum. Since you will be claiming your tax deduction for expenses, preparing your bills will help you in receiving an amped up refund.
  • Sell-off Investments in Loss: Those who have done investments in something that is running in loss should get rid of those assets in order to minimize your tax refunds. If you are planning on selling the share that is running at a loss well, be prepared to buy them back.

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