Living In Australia Compared To The US!

Australia is a popular destination for the U.S expatriate. This land is where a lot of expats turn to so that they can begin their new life due to the nice climate, standard of living, and the employment opportunities. Prior to hurling yourself in, it is important for you to understand the cost of living in Australia. To help with that here are some baselines that are befitting to individuals who are looking forward to making Australia their new home after choosing to bid adieu to the United States.

  • Property Cost: When one is leaving their country, it is vital for them to figure out the capital that you would need to shell for renting or buying a property. There are several things that you need to consider when comparing the prices of similar homes between the US and Australia regarding quality and location.

  • Tax System: The taxation process is really different from the tax rates in the United States. The US system is absolutely different as they have a federal tax system and a state tax system alongside it. Whereas, Australia just have an income tax system and 1.5% healthcare levy on taxpayers that fund the health care system down under.

  • Food & Drinks: The United States of America has the lowest food and essentials price across the world, whereas, in Australia, the cost of food is higher due to the transportation price. The overall price can be quite misleading as preferences and taste drive the price of food.

  • Healthcare Price: This is the major difference between the cost of living in the United States and Australia. The 1.5% of the income tax levy funds the healthcare system in Australia in order to make the healthcare facilities much cheaper unlike in the US.

Hence, living price in Australia is a lot cheaper than to live in the United States. To know more keep visiting Joe Madrajat blogs.

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