Genuine Tax Deduction That Nurses Can Claim!

Nurses or health professionals have some common purchases that are related to work and they pay for it. Such direct cash payments are genuinely counted for a tax deduction and can claim such expenses on their next tax return. Everyone is different and the things that we have mentioned below are claimable for a tax deduction for nurses and even the midwives. Just be mindful to keep a record of receipts and documentation for such expenses…

  • Union Fees & Memberships: If you are one of those who pay for the membership fee to the nursing industry or the dues to several unions then you can totally claim those expense.
  • Work Uniform: Professionals have to wear those specific clothing that is mandatory to wear for their job and such clothing or uniform includes protective items, uniform with logo on, and laundry expenditure.
  • Stationery: This is all about the log books, planners, diaries, and workbooks that you bought.
  • Desktop/Laptops: Those who carry their personal laptop to work can claim the devaluation expenses for such items as per the legitimate work use.
  • Mobile Phones: You as a healthcare professional can claim the percentage of the mobile phone bill that has been used to make work relevant calls.
  • Subscription: If you have subscribed to those nursing magazines, journals, and books to keep up with your knowledge then you can claim that amount spent on it.
  • Home Office Expenditure: In case of ‘work from home’, you can claim the percentage of the cost of internet and landline that has been used for work-relevant tasks.

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