Difference between Financial Planner & Financial Advisor!

People find juggling with finances a little daunting and to make it easy it is always wise to hire an expert. Well, that is where another problem begins! Who they should look up to, A Financial planner or an advisor? While an advisor helps you with dealing with your financial planning, and issues, a financial planner is an expert, will be helping you in planning your finances and budgets suitable for your lifestyle. Planning is all about having a budget, paying bills, saving capital for kid’s future and for your life after retirement. We have here described a planner and an adviser in a better way to make it easy for you to understand…


Those who are seeking assistance in achieving their long-term goals then it will be beneficial for them to hire a financial planner. They are experts in handling taxes, retirement, and real estate planning. You can look out for professional planners that are Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Analyst, and are Certified Investment Management Analyst. Ensure to double check on their background and past work experience. A planner charges you for the ongoing services and the assets that they manage.


This is a term that is used for a professional who assists one in managing their capital. They play the role of a broker when selling and purchasing the stocks, helps in creating comprehensive tax, managing investments, and planning estate. It is important for one to ensure whether or not your advisor is a certified practicing accountant and licensed by AFS to serve the people. He or she should be credentialed on the type of service they offer.

Now whoever is seeking secure and safe financial statements and are dealing with issues such as paying bills, fees for kid’s education, and mortgages, and etc must hire a good financial planner or advisor that can help one in handling and preparing a financial plan.

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